About eKey

What is eKey?

In the past, you were required to enter a mountain of information simply to identify yourself to the eService you wish to use. The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), recognizing this inefficiency, has launched the eKey which will allow the users of eServices to identify themselves in a single, simple and secure manner.

Best of all, it is absolutely free!

The eKey is currently offered in two levels:

Standard eKey

The Standard eKey offers a good level of security, requiring the user to enter only the personal number and password when accessing eServices.

This type of eKey can be created online and will be available for use instantly. However, due to the lack of fingerprint verification, only a limited number of services will be accessible with the Standard eKey. You may upgrade to Advanced eKey at any time by visiting the nearest eGovernment eService Center.

Advanced eKey

Registering for the Advanced eKey ensures the highest level of security and allows access to all eServices including highly confidential eServices requiring the verification of the user's smart card and biometrics (fingerprint).

To complete the registration process, users need to visit one of the  eKiosks  or any  eService center   once only, with the need to bring their Identity card.